February 2019 Newsletter


Those of us who sponsor students in Nicaragua continue to make a big difference in the lives of our students, their families and their communities. In 2018, a total of 99 students received a scholarship. Nineteen of them are continuing in high school, and one graduated from high school and is going on to university to study architecture. Five who graduated and received their high school diploma decided to go to work rather than continue on to university.

A total of 54 students are continuing with their university studies. They are studying in a variety of areas, including agriculture, nursing, engineering, teaching, mathematics, and English. AND — there are eleven new university graduates!


Only nine students, three in high school and six in university, left school before finishing the year and lost their scholarships. It’s important to remember that this past year the country was greatly affected by political disruptions and turmoil, which forced many people to leave the country to look for work or find work locally to support their families.

The fact that so many students are continuing their studies, or were able to graduate, is a tribute to the determination of our students.

We are completing the awarding of scholarships to students for the 2019 year. School begins in mid-February and finishes in mid-December. As soon as we have the final number of students we are supporting we’ll let you know.