Since 2001, we have sent over 200 students to high school and 100 to college. Many of our participants have gone on to graduate from college and pursue professional careers.


Our Mission

We improve the lives of underserved individuals, families, and communities of Nicaragua through education.

The Asla Foundation was created in order to help children who would otherwise not attend school past the 6th grade, continue onto high school and college. We find donors in the United States to sponsor a student from start to finish of high school. The total cost varies from $175-$350 a year to send a youth to school. The money covers matriculation, uniforms, transportation, books, and food. The donors have an option to exchange letters throughout the experience with their student, creating a vivid cultural link as well as a once-impossible opportunity to deserving children who want to be able to find a job once they’ve graduated, read and write well, and make enough money to help their families.

The Santa Teresa scholarship program has grown immensely from our first year, when we received 20 applications from local children. We receive around 75 new applications each year, and continue to sponsor each child for all five years of their high school studies and on to college. As a condition of the scholarship, the awardees are obligated to do 10 hours of community service each semester, in order to improve the lives of others through everything from reforestation to tutoring. I’m so proud of the positive effects I’ve seen firsthand that our project has had in Nicaragua.

Asla Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

For many years our family has had the pleasure of sponsoring our student Rosa. Rosa has worked very hard on her studies over the years and is now in college and doing very well. Through Rosa’s heartfelt letters we know how important education is to her and her family and how grateful she is for our continued support. It has been a delight to get to know Rosa through her writings. Thank you to all who support this foundation.
— Donor

What We've Achieved THIS YEAR

  • Total Scholarships Provided in 2016: 137
  • Returning Scholarship Students: 104
  • New Scholarship Recipients: 33 
  • Students attending College: 90 
  • Students attending High School:  47
  • Students who graduated from college in December 2015:10
  • Money raised this year: $36,000 and counting!