November 2018 Newsletter


Nicaragua Scholarship Students Contribute through Community Service


All of the Nicaragua scholarship students receiving support from sponsors through the Asla Foundation must participate in community service work. We asked three of them to tell us about their work, both what they are doing and how it has impacted them. We think the work they are doing is significant to their communities but also to their growth as individuals. Below are their stories, along with photos of the students. Our support of educational opportunities for these young people is transforming lives and communities!

My name is Maria del Carmen Gonzalez. I am 21 years old and studying nursing at Martin Lutero Universidad. I have been receiving help from the Asla Foundation for 6 years and I am so grateful that I can study to be a nurse. For my community service I plant trees for my community. I have planted palmera and marajito, sometimes fruit trees such as mango. I also work with some of the newer students to help plant in our community of San Pedro de Pire. It really helps our community because many people use wood to cook so it is important to replant to help with erosion. Sometimes we plant near the church or the school or near the river. We ask the people where it is most needed. It is so important to take care of our environment and to think of our future generations.


My name is Cristhel Paola Gonzalez and I am in my first year of high school. I study on Saturdays in Condega which is about an hour away from my community, San Pedro de Pire. I am new to the community so one of the other older students has invited me to help with planting trees in our community. I am very grateful to her because I have learned a great deal and I love to help my community. I am planting palmeras near my house and near the school. It is a plant that is strong and usually does well in our environment. It is very important to help our environment and I know that trees help the cycle of life to continue. I am very grateful for the help from the Asla Foundation.


My name is Erick Obed Diaz. I have been receiving help from the Asla Foundation for more than 5 years and I am so grateful to my sponsors. I will be graduating in September with a degree in agricultural engineering, and I am very excited. For many years I planted trees for my community service or helped with animals in the rural areas, but this year I decided to help tutor some students, one in particular, not only in his studies, but also as a friend. It is very rewarding because the student who I help is deaf and I have learned a great deal. We work usually weekly and I am lucky to have the help of an interpreter so we can communicate better.

We all must help each other to make a better world.